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Secretario (Antonio Hervás Jorge): secretario@fallapolitecnic.com Vicepresidente 1º (Angel Martinez): vice1@fallapolitecnic.com Tesorero (Pepe López Lázaro): tesorero@fallapolitecnic.com Comisión femenina (Mº Ángeles Belenguer): chicas@fallapolitecnic.com Comisión masculina (Wenceslao Otero): chicos@fallapolitecnic.com Infantiles (Enrique Hernández): infantiles@fallapolitecnic.com Loteria (Vicente Camps): loteria@fallapolitecnic.com Grupo teatro (Paula Ramos): teatro@fallapolitecnic.com Página web y facebook (Oscar García): web@fallapolitecnic.com
Register to falla and participate in the best party in the world as faller@
If you want to belog to our falla or have any questions about the comission does not have more than contact us at altas@fallapolitecnic.com,soon we will contact you:   The fees for the year 2020-2021 are:                   - 25  euros adults           - 22´50 euros los retired 65 years           - 18´50 € euros junior (from 15 to 22 years)           - 12´50 € euros children (from 6 to 14 years)           - 2´50 € euros babies (from 0 to 5 years)             10% discount to large families( >4 falleros household)                       FALLERAS RULES  FEES 1. 1. Quotas are set according to the age of the fallero as of March 19 of the current financial year, are annual and complete, whatever the date of registration to the Falla 2. Payment of fees:    a) By direct debit in four equal installments, which direct debit on finals to may,  august, november and february 2020.    b) By bank transfer or deposit cash in the account of the failure of Bankia ES07 2038 6543 91 6000023331, which should be done in four equal installments, and the like same periods that the direct debit, or in full.     In this case, you must send a copy of justicante, by email stating clearly the paid and  the faller @ s shares for tesorero@fallapolitecnic.com No person may engage in any activity organized by Falla, if you are not familiar the deadlines or full share. 3. The deadline for having paid the entire fee is February 15, 2020 4. In the case of minors fallero must be registered as one of the fallero parents or have an authorized parents to be responsible fallero child, having for it to have the corresponding form. 5. The renewal of registration to the failure is performed automatically on an annual basis. However either party may oppose the extension by written notice the other, held in advance  of the day May 17 of each YEAR.
REGISTRATION FORM (Mandatory use the program ADOBE READER in order to fill correctly)
If  you want  to be a part of Falla, to fill in the form that apply and sent it to altas@fallapolitecnic.com
for children where parents are not falleros must be complete this form
Fallero of honor being involved or working with us
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Which it is a honorable fallero?
The honorablefallero is a more representative figure in any commission and in particular Poli. This is especially individuals or companies that collaborate with the commission and for that reason are given a distinguished treatment. The Honorable Falleros are entertained, in appreciation of their collaboration, with a typical meal in our exclusive Valencian fallera tent. In the same we proceed to their appointment and you will be given a unique gift by our Fallera Mayor. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to be part of the very extensive list of collaborators and thus meet with all of them, in an exquisite celebration in token of our appreciation